April Luncheon

Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones
April 12,2022

We are so sorry to inform you that our luncheon tomorrow is canceled. 

Tonight, after 8PM, we were notified that Chastain Horse Park was renovating the building and the contractors did not finish in time.  They cannot have the venue ready for our luncheon tomorrow.  We have no alternative but to cancel at this late hour.

Please share this info with your friends who may not have pre-registered and planned to come tomorrow and pay at the door.
We are trying to reach each and every one of you by phone this evening before it’s too late to call.
We are happy to carry over your payment toward the next luncheon or issue a refund.  Please let me know how you’d like us to handle that. 
This absolutely breaks our hearts, especially for those of you who are attending for the first time.  We will make it up to you!